Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crime News: Raymondville is One Happening Place To Be - Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales, and Pol Brennan of the IRA

Raymondville - who knew this small Texas town would be making such a name for itself these days? You'd think the berg had its own publicist ....

What's up?

Well, first -- that's the place for the ongoing Juan Angel Guerra story (see the post below for more on Operation Goliath). On Monday, there's gonna be a hearing down there on whether or not Judge Banales should be recused from the local criminal case, where felony indictments were filed against Vice President Dick Cheney and former U.S. Attorney Alberto Gonzales and others.

Hearing to Recuse Judge Banales in the Dick Cheney Felony Case

Seems the Texas Supreme Court has instructed San Antonio Judge Michael Peden to mosy on down to the Rio Grande Valley and preside over Monday's hearing. Should be a media frenzy, and great news for the little town's local economy. Try the carnitas, guys.

Notorious IRA Escapee Pol Brennan Awaits Extradiction Ruling in Willacy County Jail

And, it justs better ... there's also international happening down there in Raymondville as a hearing was going on for a good part of November, about whether or not to extradite Pol Brennan, a former member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), who was convicted for his IRA activities and sentenced to jail in Belfast, Ireland.

Brennan was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for possession of explosives, and he was part of the infamous escape from the maximum security Maze prison back in 1983 (along with around 30 other blokes).

Seems that after Brennan's escape, he lived on the run here in the US for many years (25, to be exact). He made San Francisco his home, built a career as a master carpenter, got married, even bought a gun under an assumed name.

But the jig was up back in January, when old Pol was pulled over in South Texas as he and his wife were driving to visit his mother-in-law down in South Padre Island. He didn't have good papers, and he ended up busted and sitting in the Willacy County Jail -- where he's still sitting today, awaiting the ruling on whether or not he's going to be booted back to Ireland.

And, you think the Dick Cheney case is big ... well, over the waters the Pol Brennan case is making all the papers. There are organizations raising money for his defense fund, papers in all parts of Europe are covering his story, and he's even got a web site (where he complains about the jailhouse food, among other things).


Who would have thunk it?


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