Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ex-Judge Samuel Kent Wants Out of Jail: It's Been a Cruel and Abusive Experience. Surprise.

We've posted about Samuel Kent before -- following his path from a setting federal district judge in Galveston, Texas indicted for sex crimes, through his incarceration after he entered into a plea agreement (he was also the subject of impeachment, but that's a rabbit trail at this point). 

He's always been rather creative and surprising in his legal strategies -- remember when he resigned one year in advance, in a fight to keep his pension?  -- and this week's filing is no different. 

Former Federal Judge Kent Finds Life Behind Bars "Cruel" so He Files Motion for Release

This week, Samuel Kent has filed a former request that his sentence be vacated and corrected. Why? Kent argues that the Bureau of Prisons has allegedly ignored the "intended sentence," entered in May 2009 by (1) denying him admission into the substance abuse program (for the reason that Kent had been sober for a full year before he was arrested); and (2) classifying Kent as a "sex offender" because the prosecution dismissed the sex allegation charges against him. Among other things.

While an inmate in a Florida facility, former judge Samuel Kent provides such facts to support his request as (1) he has suffered from listening to another inmate as the inmate was being raped; and (2) he was forced by a Florida prison official (a "sargeant") to do calisthenics in the nude. 

There's lots more.  Suffice to say, ex-Judge Kent's filing has a lot more juice to it than anything Lindsay Lohen has filed in the past six months. 

Read the details for yourself in the Memorandum filed in concurrance with the Motion yesterday.