Monday, January 05, 2009

JUDGE WATCH: Judge Shelton's Daughter Can Do No Wrong?

Over in Houston, Elizabeth Shelton really isn't new news -- back in October 2007, her name was in the papers as the daughter of a Houston judge (Pat Shelton) who had been convicted of intoxication manslaughter in the death of her 19 year old boyfriend, and fined $10,000, after her SUV collided with a box truck on the freeway. She had to serve 120 days in jail (which didn't start until she finished her semester at college) before starting a term of 8 years probation. If she violates the probation, then she serves 5 years in prison.

No one contested that her SUV rear-ended the truck.

Elizabeth Shelton's SUV plowed into the back of a box truck on the Southwest Freeway, killing her passenger.

No one contested the fact that this was a drunk driver case.

No one denied she was drunk. Elizabeth Shelton, the judge's daughter, tested THREE times over the legal blood alcohol content. Evidence included that she cursed at the ER nurse after the accident, and was heard to be telling folk there that her daddy was a judge ....

Her boyfriend was hanging out of the truck per criminal trial testimony.

Oh, and there was evidence that right before the crash, her boyfriend was hanging out the side of the SUV, on the freeway, and that he was almost decapitated upon impact. Whoa.

Her defense was the truck driver changed lanes....

Still, throughout her criminal trial -- and she went to trial, no plea bargain for her -- she argued for her innocence. Her defense? the truck driver made an illegal lane change.

Now, the Judge's daughter is suing the TRUCK DRIVER in civil court ....

Yes. That's right. It's been almost a year since she was sentenced, and now Elizabeth Shelton has filed suit against the truck driver.

Get this: the Judge's daughter wants $20,000 for the property damage to her Lexus SUV and she wants an undisclosed amount for the pain and suffering she's experienced, along with medical expenses and attorneys' fees.

And the JUDGE is also listed as a plaintiiff in this suit. Yes, the JUDGE is suing, too.

No kidding, serious as a heart attack.

Judge Pat Shelton, and his wife, are parties plaintiff right along with their daughter, in this civil suit ... which many try and justify by arguing it's all just a big skirmish necessary to get insurance companies to pay up.

Sure, that explains everything. Like why the media in AUSTRALIA are running this story with the headline, "Someone tell this woman she's an idiot."

Once again, I could not make this stuff up.




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