Monday, October 05, 2009

Cop Watch: Dallas Cop Tasers Himself, Goes to Hospital, Becomes Hit on Digg.Com

Last week, the video of a Dallas cop tasering himself was one of the Top Videos at with over 1100 hits. The video itself (you can watch it below) is from a local TV newscast that starts out giving a map of the Dallas metroplex, just in case folk around here needed a visual to understand one of local law enforcement officers was the one involved.

Now, this isn't the first time we've blogged on Texas cops misusing tasers. Just check out this list of prior posts:

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Texas Cops Use of Tasers is a Serious Situation becoming a National Joke

It's becoming more and more serious when cops are actually hurting themselves (note from the video, the cop was taken to the hospital to get treatment for his injuries), websites like are gathering an audience based upon the humor in the situation, and still -- nothing is being done to deal with TEXAS LAW ENFORCEMENT MISUSING STUN GUNS AND HURTING -- SOMETIMES KILLING -- PEOPLE.

When is the Texas Legislature going to take notice?????