Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dallas Grand Jury Subpoenas County Constable Adamcik - The Towing Plot Thickens?

The ongoing investigation into the Dallas County Constables may be expanding.

We've already posted on County Constable Jaime Cortes (Precinct 5) and Constable Derick Evans (Precinct 1) - they're in the midst of an ongoing investigation into possible criminal acts by Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins.

If you'll remember, it took awhile for Watkins to start investigations into the possible bad acts involving towing policies in Precincts 1 and 5 -- the Dallas County Commissioners had asked the District Attorney to investigate at least three times and zip had been done, etc., etc.

On Monday,
grand jury subpoenas were issued to Dallas County Commissioner Ben Adamcik (Precinct 3) and three of his deputies. Seems that Adamcik, as well as his underlings Tony Lewis, Richard McKnight (the Chief Deputy), and Bertha Roop will be testifying to the Grand Jury on Friday.

Adamcik's a former cop, and he's
telling the press that he's got absolutely no idea why he and his folk have been called downtown -- his precinct is "boring."

That may be. North Dallas may be boring. Adamcik and his folk could have been called down there for any number of reasons. But when the District Attorney's Public Integrity Unit Investigation into bad acts by County Officials spreads its web into yet another precinct, you gotta wonder.

And face it. These days (as reported on this blog and
its brother), having a background in Texas law enforcement isn't exactly a stellar recommendation of integrity.

Let's watch and see what happens here.