Monday, October 27, 2008

Crime News: Brain Scan as Truth Test Sends Woman to Life Imprisonment

Sit down for this one.

This is scary, scary stuff - even for Hallowe'en ... because what has been reported is true, not just some science fiction story or horror movie or boring lab report.

"Experiential knowledge of the crime" - an Automatic Guilt Machine

Technology now exists where some lab worker in a white coat can attach wires to your head, and then decide whether or not you have "experiential knowledge" of a crime -- as in, you really remember doing it -- and if you do, voila -- you're guilty!

That's right. Let's ponder this again: there's a gizmo that is supposed to conclusively know if you're guilty of a crime or not by monitoring your brain waves with wires.

How's this supposed to work?

Well, the guy in the white coat takes an electroencephalogram, or EEG -- in other words, he places electrodes on your head that will measure electrical waves.

You set there, silent, with your eyes shut tight. Wires on your head.

Then, white-coat guy starts reading aloud the details of the crime (and you can bet, this is a script written by the prosecutor). As he reads, and you just set there, the EEG machine is recording all your brain images.

Using this new gizmo software. the brain is said to purportedly "light up" in certain areas that store memories, lighting up when past experiences are recognized.

Oh, and sure, the gizmo software is supposed to be able to clearly, easily, and conclusively be able to determine whether or not your brain is "lighting up" because you witnessed, or saw, something happen, as opposed to whether or not you committed the act yourself.


I cannot even begin to describe the horrific affront this is to the most basic human rights, much less those constitutional rights like due process .... Heck, we know lie detectors are not accurate. We still have some problems with fingerprint analysis. And, this testing of air in the Casey Anthony case is getting lots of skeptical responses.

But, some machine can not only report that you have a memory of an event, but that you committed a crime, based upon whether or not your brain "lights up" -- this would be hilarously stupid to consider, if it weren't being taken so very seriously.

Surely this isn't being taken seriously, you ask? Wrong.

Over in India, a young woman was accused of poisoning her fiance by putting arsenic in his McDonald's meal. It's apparently understood by everyone that in India "police interrogation" is synonimous with "torture," so when the woman had the choice between the "interrogation" or undergoing this new Gizmo Guilt Test, she chose the brain scan. Who wouldn't?

She claimed she was innocent. She probably hoped science would be her friend in ways that law enforcement would not.

No such luck. The woman purportedly "failed" the brain scan, was found guilty of murder based upon the brain scan, and sentenced to life imprisonment - because of this scary, scary brain scan.

Just think what an overzealous Dallas County prosecutor could do with this thing.

Check out this YouTube video that shows the CNN report on Aditi Sharma's murder conviction and life sentence, ordered by a judge (no jury), based upon a brain scan.

For more information:

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