Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cop Watch: With Homeowners Like This Guy, Can The Cops Keep Up?

Over in Fort Worth, it's a whole new ballgame. A dangerous one.

Jim Cox, Homeowner, Is Ready for Action

Jim Cox is a FortWorth homeowner who makes a living as a weapons instructor, and he's got his house all ready for crime. He's installed video cameras around the place, and even when he's at home, those cameras are rolling and he's got the lights on.

Well, seems this past Monday morning around 11, a group of guys (the cameras caught 4 of them) pulled up in a minivan to Cox's house and one guy gets out, knocks on the door, rings the bell.

Jim Cox has just taken a shower, now he's finishing up his morning nap. All the lights are on.

The cameras then film a second guy joining the guy at the door, and they're shown kicking in the front door. Jim Cox has just come into his kitchen.

The next thing that the cameras pick up? These guys are running for the hills -- Cox has pulled out his semi-automatic and he's introduced himself.

Of course, Jim Cox reports that he "knew to hold his fire, ..." but " '[i]f they had confronted me, there would have been a noise.'"

Jim Cox's Home Video Available for Review Online

Now, Cox has printed up photos from this video, and he's sharing them with the neighborhood and the media: you can see his excerpts online at the link shown below.

And the Fort Worth police? They're reported to be "investigating the incident. "

The Reality - It's Dangerous for Everyone

This is a dangerous situation for everyone -- luckily, the only violence in this story appears to be the kick leveled against the front door. This homeowner could have been seriously injured, or killed -- or he could be facing criminal charges himself, for harming someone else.

But that's where we are these days, because there are a lot of folk out there that don't believe that they can leave their safety in the hands of their local law enforcement.


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