Monday, October 20, 2008

COP WATCH: New Online Website for Those Most Wanted of Criminals, the Unpaid Traffic Tickets (But Don't Trust the Site, It Warns)

Have you seen this yet?

Dallas County has actually spent the time and money to publish a website (click here to check it out) that lists (with photos!) the most notorious, heinous wanted men and women in the county who ... wait for it ... haven't paid their traffic tickets. Yes. Not kidding.

And, it gets better.

The site itself admits that the information shown may not be "current information for any legal purpose." The people may not really be wanted. The amounts shown may not be accurate. You get the idea.

And, finally -- the website itself warns that no action should be taken based upon anything shown on the site.

What You've Really Got Here

So, you've got U.S. citizens (remember those "innocent until proven guilty" folk?) with their photos posted online for anyone and their neighbor (including their mother-in-law) to see, under a bold headline in red type (RED) that says really great stuff like "MOST WANTED," along with lots of disclaimer language that says "well, maybe ... but don't trust anything you read here and above all, don't rely on it."

I could not make this stuff up.

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