Monday, September 22, 2008

JUDGE WATCH: Judge Priddy's Law License Suspended But He's Still On the Bench

Bruce Priddy is a state district court judge, presiding over civil cases in the 116th Judicial District Court of Dallas County, Texas. You can see him today, in his robes and on the bench, down at the courthouse (New Tower) on Commerce Street.

He hears non-criminal matters that can be complex and involve a lot of money. For example, this past June the Dallas company ICC Energy Corporation filed a big lawsuit in his court against Oklahoma City's Chesapeake Energy Corp (NYSE: CHK) claiming that Chesapeake breached a deal with ICC to market gas from the Barnett Shale at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Millions are at stake.

Presiding Judge Priddy's License Pulled for "Professional Misconduct"

What's interesting is that while Judge Priddy can preside over civil matters, ruling on motions made by attorneys, and accepting verdicts found by juries, he cannot practice law right now. His law license has been suspended by the State Bar of Texas for "professional misconduct."

Yes, that's right: in this State, a judge can still preside over a courtroom even if his law license has been suspended. For professional misconduct. Whoa.

Diane Jennings at the Dallas Morning News apparently thought this was strange, and asked the Executive Director of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct about the situation. Jennings reports that the director, Seana Willing, explained: "He was qualified when he stood for election ...[t]he fact that he, for the next three months, will have his license suspended, I don't think it's a constitutional disqualification."

Constitutional disqualification. Right.

Judge Priddy's Also Been Sued by the AG (Who Won) and His DUI Trial is Set for November

And guess what? Jennings has discovered that Judge Priddy:

1. also has the distinction of being the first sitting judge in the history of the State of Texas to be sued -- yep, sued -- by the Texas Attorney General. The Attorney General sued Judge Priddy and got judgments against the Judge for failing to file campaign finance reports with the state Ethics Commission. Judge Priddy got $39,000 in fines and after paying $31,500 to the Ethics Commission, the remaining $7,900 was recovered by garnisheeing his bank account. He still owes the State thousands in attorneys' fees, accrued interest, and a $500 late filing penalty.

2. In November 2007, Judge Priddy was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. That DUI case is scheduled for trial this November. According to the records, Judge Priddy told the cops that he has a "motor-coordination problem" and that he is diabetic.

Just one more example of how we're building confidence in the judicial system these days.

Dallas Morning News


Anonymous said...

I can see how they make the no good lawbreaking judges keep this "power" of theirs. Its all a mad twilight zone type of joke they're playing on us all!

Judge Hennigan of 324 District court in fort worth also need his license suspended and he had people in front of the courthouse for over a month late this summer protesting how he is legally helping to kidnap a child with a man that he throws out DNA that was only ordered when the biological family found out he had been signing over conservator ship and other legal rights to persons of no relation or possession of a toddler girl! The kicker here is this man told the court that the mom (now deceased) of the child since 6months after birth and the grandmother was in a relationship with him! True or false this is a ethical and moral issue. This judge refused to hear any evidence and went on his merry way just as he did prior to the biological family finding out. legal kidnapping and lawsuits.civil and criminal should be filed in this case.

Anonymous said...

324 Tarrant County Family Courts
Fort Worth, Texas

Criminal Misconduct / Domestic Violence / Domestic Abuse

The Family Court Corruption in this 324 Tarrant County Family Court Room of Fort Worth Texas is off the Charts severe.

These two Judges have quite the racket going on. Along with all their abuse and criminal misconduct in their Court Room.

They have illegal Ex Parte Hearings

They refuse evidence

Abuse people in their Court Room causing people severe hardship.

Both of these Judges should be disbarred and jailed for their criminal misconduct in their Family Court Room.